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Diseases that Medical Marijuana helps with


Diseases that Medical Marijuana helps with

Before we get started, let’s delve into the rich history of marijuana.

Let’s distinguish between the two important subspecies of the plant. Cannabis sativa, this one is known as marijuana and has psychoactive properties. The other plant Cannabis sativa L is known as hemp – this one is the non-psychoactive form of cannabis, and is used in manufacturing products such as oil.

Medical marijuana and cannabis oil seems to have its roots firmly planted in Chinese culture. Although it can’t ever be 100% certain there have been references to its usage in history.

According to Chinese legend, in 2700 BC the emperor Shen Nung discovered marijuana's healing properties. The earliest written reference is found in the 15th century BC Chinese Pharmacopeia, the Rh-Ya.

The ancient Egyptians also seemed to love it too! Prescriptions for cannabis in Ancient Egypt include treatment for the eyes (glaucoma), inflammation, and cooling the uterus, as well as administering enemas – the Greeks also used it for much of the same conditions.

Indians also used cannabis as a treatment for leprosy. The use of cannabis was commonplace in India in very early medical applications. Indians believed as many people still do to this day that cannabis could quicken the mind, prolong life, improve judgment, lower fevers, induce sleep and cure dysentery. Cannabis has since found its way to pretty much all the regions of the world, eventually spreading to Americas and the United States.

The Cannabis plant has an infamous history of medicinal use dating back hundreds and hundreds of years across many cultures.

Medical marijuana, CBD oil and cannabis oil is hot on the press lately. It's gracing the covers of many news and medical stories throughout the globe. People are becoming open and accepting to its incredible properties and abilities to heal certain diseases. From men, women and children alike medical marijuana can treat a huge range of conditions and help improve lives significantly.

 So what’s all the hype about cannabis oil?
Cannabis essential oil is what people are referring to when they say "cannabis oil". Caregivers and patients alike are turning to this alternative remedy to treat their diseases and illnesses. It's accepted that cannabis essential oil is one of the most beneficial and coveted oils, and is widely accepted as helping to alleviate and even cure certain illnesses and conditions. How is cannabis essential oil made? It is extracted by steam distillation from the flowers and upper leaves of cannabis plants, which are in the Cannabis genus. Appearance wise it's a green liquid.

What types of medical marijuana can you take?

Medical marijuana can be administered in a number of different ways, some of which include:

· Liquid tinctures

· Vaporizing or smoking dried buds

· Eating cannabis edibles

· Taking capsules

· Using lozenges

· Dermal patches

· Oral/dermal sprays

 Depending on the medical issue or disease your Maine cannabis consultant will usually discuss the most convenient and effective type for you.

Which diseases can you treat with medical marijuana?

Medical marijuana can combat so many diseases, illnesses and discomfort. Below is just a handful that the oil is most famous for combating…

Medical Marijuana for Migraines – Migraines are horrific and cannabis oil is known for being one of the best things you can take for combating them. Buds administered with a vaporizer can effectively give sustained relief for bad headaches and migraines.

Medical Cannabis Oil for Cancer – this is the biggest one and the disease cannabis oil is mostly famous for. It can help to prevent and cure cancers. The active ingredients in cannabis oil can have been shown to have preventative effects on cancer, and can also cause reduction in tumor size.

Medical Cannabis Oil for Heart disease – Cannabis oil can stimulate antioxidant processes in your body helping to scrape off excess cholesterol and as a result maximizing the health of your cardiovascular system.

Medical Marijuana for Glaucoma - Cannabis oil has also been linked to a reduction in the condition glaucoma and also a distinct prevention of macular degeneration. Cannabis oil is very popular among the aging community to try and protect eye health.

Medical Cannabis Oil for Insomnia – People who take cannabis oil an hour before sleeping have reported that their insomnia is much improved and they can enjoy a good nights sleep.

Medical Marijuana for Leukemia – Cannabis oil has also been shown to kill leukemia cells helping to speed up recovery and even cure the patient.

Cannabis oil isn’t limited to the above, there a many, many more ailments it treats too.

Medical marijuana & cannabis oil boasts a history as rich and fruitful as the conditions it's responsible for treating.

Medical marijuana and cannabis oil pose incredible treatments to administer by any Maine medical marijuana caregiver, which have already being around for centuries thanks to their beneficial properties and naturally healing active compounds.

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