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What is RSO?

Rick Simpson Oil is a highly concentrated, full extract cannabis oil. Rick Simpson brought the health benefits of cannabis oil to public attention and it became his namesake. You may also hear the term FECO, which is sometimes used interchangeably with RSO.  Always verify that the RSO/FECO you purchase has been lab tested for residual solvents. Our RSO is always extracted safely with 200 proof ethyl alcohol.

How do you use RSO?

Most of the people who reach out to us looking for RSO have cancer or another serious illness. Some choose to use RSO along with traditional cancer treatment methods or some choose to use it as their sole therapy method.  RSO is regularly consumed orally, slowly increasing dose as tolerance allows until a therapeutic dose is reached which is roughly one gram a day. It is important to start with a micro dose and increase incrementally. (Dosing suggestions and links below). The oil is high in THC and the psychoactive effect can be uncomfortable to inexperienced users, so tolerance must be built over time. RSO can also be prepared into suppository form with cocoa butter and taken rectally. Many people prefer the suppository method because when taken rectally the THC bypasses the liver and there is little psychoactive effect. There is some controversy about the effectiveness when taken this rectally, concerning how much your body absorbs the THC. Nevertheless, many believe they do obtain therapeutic doses rectally  and often people choose to use both methods simultaneously. RSO can also be used topically on skin cancers or other maladies.

How does it work?

Due to stringent Federal Law it is very difficult for scientists to conduct studies on cannabis. There is currently no scientific proof that cannabis can kill cancer cells, but many people who have used it for this purpose believe they were successful have started the spread of this information, as well as some doctors who have taken an interest and studied cannabis and its effects on health.

   Most believe that THC is the component that kills  cancer cells. That is why its important to choose an oil that is high in THC.  RSO usually tests between 60 - 80 % THC. This means that there is 600 to 800 mg of THC per gram of oil. There will also be a host of other cannabinoids present that work together to make each more effective in something called the "entourage effect".  THC is usually the most abundant cannabinoid present (unless your using hemp oil) , and is what we want to see high numbers in. The reason that using cannabis oil may work for some is because you can basically flood your endocannabinoid system with THC. Cannabis is completely non toxic. Your body is able to tolerate very high doses if tolerance is built and sustained over time. In contrast, traditionally cancer treatment methods use chemotherapy which is toxic to the body.  Sometimes chemotherapy will not be effective and can make you very sick, causing you to have to stop chemotherapy treatment. Using RSO with chemotherapy/radiation can lessen the negative side effects.

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